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Beyond Periodontitis

Periodontitis can generate 2 great fears

  • the fear of losing teeth
  • the fear of no longer being able to smile with confidence.

In over two decades of commitment, we have dedicated ourselves to offering patients suffering from PERIODONTITIS a quick, painless and non-invasive treatment through Laser Assisted Therapy. But our commitment goes far beyond the treatment of periodontitis.

We want every patient to leave our office with no more shame, knowing they have a radiant smile to show the world.

After treating periodontitis it’s not over!

In the rare case in which the disease has left behind a rather “disastrous” situation, once treated and the values ​​have returned, you can proceed with various treatments to make your smile shine again! Among which:

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The causes of periodontitis

our mission? the protection of your smile!

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We at Iuorio Dentistry, with a specialization in periodontitis and minimally invasive surgery, guarantee personalized treatments and a shining smile. Your oral health is our daily commitment.

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